2018 Election – Call for Nominations

SLADS needs you!

2018 will be an exciting year! We are discussing new opportunities to involve and grow our SLADS community with suggestions for new educational opportunities.  We are looking for fresh ideas and want your input to expand our community!

SLADS is currently accepting nominations for the SLADs Board of Directors.  SLADS and the SLADS Board is open to any and all who would like to join – you do not have to show in dressage.  There are currently 3 Officer Positions (President, Vice-President and Treasurer) up for election as well as several Board Member at Large opportunities, the descriptions are below.


  1. The president shall establish all standing, temporary, ad hoc, implementation or other councils/committees and appoint annually a liaison for each council/committee, subject to the approval of the SLADS BOD.
  2. The president must describe, upon appointment, the responsibilities for ad hoc, temporary and implementation committees, as well as task forces.
  3. The president shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees/councils with the exception of the Nominating Committee. In that role, the president may attend and participate in discussions but shall not be a voting member.
  4. At least one week prior to a meeting, the president shall prepare the agenda and provide it to the secretary for posting.
  5. The President will hold and update, as required, the USEF licenses for all scheduled recognized shows. To fulfill this duty, the President must meet the membership requirements set by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and United States Dressage Federation (USDF).
  6. The SLADS President executes contracts for show facilities.
  7. The President, working with the Vice President (VP), will present to the BOD a list of potential officials and upon approval of said list solicits and contracts for show officials (judges, technical delegates, show managers, and show secretaries). All contracts initiated by the President for SLADS for shows must signed by both the President and the VP. If two signatures cannot be obtained in a timely manner, the President may obtain electronic approval by the VP. This approval will be kept with the contract. All signed contracts must be held by the SLADS treasurer in addition to the SLADS President and VP.


Vice President

  1. The VP serves as the Show Organizer when SLADS has not retained the services of a professional show organizer.
  2. Working with the Show Committee and others as required, the VP prepares a detailed show budget to present to the BOD and Show Committee by March 1of each year.
  3. The Vice President must meet the same membership requirements for USEF and USDF during the term of office as required for a Show Organizer
  4. The VP is responsible for applying for show recognition to all local and regional organizations such as MHSA in a timely manner
  5. In conjunction with the Show Committee the VP is responsible for meeting all deadlines with regard to publishing SLADS shows in omnibuses like Central States and Mid-South and for producing the SLADS omnibus/prize lists and to ensure show information is posted in a timely manner on the SLADS website.
  6. The VP will obtain the Technical Delegate’s report for each recognized show and present it to the BOD at first opportunity.
  7. The VP will insure that any correspondence received from the USDF/USEF by the Show Manager and/or Show Secretary regarding levies, fines or irregularities will be presented to the BOD at the first available opportunity.



  1. The treasurer will prepare a yearly budget to present at the first SLADS BOD meeting held after the Annual Membership meeting.
  2. The treasurer will contact and work with each committee chairperson to determine an appropriate budget for the coming fiscal year prior to submitting a budget to the BOD.
  3. The treasurer holds original copies of all contracts formal and informal made by SLADS or on behalf of SLADS by a retainer that pertain to any income or expenditure.
  4. The treasurer shall receive a full accounting income from SLADS held events in the form of a complete excel spreadsheet. Persons responsible for completing and submitting the spreadsheet include but are not limited to: horse show secretaries & event coordinators. Template for spreadsheet shall be the providence of the treasurer.
  5. At regularly scheduled meetings, the treasurer will present to the SLADS BOD a detailed report of SLADS financial status.
  6. The treasurer shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Membership and Audit Committees


Board Member at Large

  1. Must be current SLADS members and in good standing with USDF.
  2. Are encouraged to actively participate in discussion.
  3. Attend the monthly Board Meetings to provide the leadership necessary to support and operate SLADS, including making and voting on motions presented
  4. In General, the “Board Members at Large” chair or sponsor the various SLADS committees and activities that promote dressage and are the purpose of SLADS

1)      Membership Committee: market dressage to the community.  To increase membership opportunities.

2)      Awards Committee: review and revise the awards program.  Also responsible for the determination and recognition of all awards.

3)      Awards Sub-Committee: Banquet: To organize the annual awards banquet.

4)      Education Committee: plan, organize, and implement educational opportunities for the SLADS membership.

5)      Education Sub-Committee: Scholarship: Collect Nominations, coordinate selection and coordinate fundraisers for the scholarship

6)      Young Riders Committee: develop and promote a fun environment and encourage your rider participation in SLADS

7)      Communication Committee: develop better communication with the SLADS membership and community through different media.

8)      Audit Committee: ensure adherence to standing rules, bylaws, and financial policies and support the whistleblower policy

9)      Volunteer Committee: attract train, and coordinate volunteers and to create a volunteer reward program.

10)   Recognized Horse Show Committee: plan and implement all horse shows including fundraising and marketing.  Act as a liaison to show management.

At the time a new incumbent assumes the duties of office, each Executive Officer and Board Member at large will seek to work with the new member to insure a smooth transition and minimal interruption to the workings of SLADS. Past officers will remain available via phone and e-mail for consultation when needed.

if you or someone you know is interested in joining the SLADs Board and want to have an impact on our direction – please submit your nominations  (Name of Nominee and position for which running) to the nomination committee atedudley811@gmail.com no later than February 2, 2018.       Once we have collected your nominations. a ballot with be sent out to all members – due March 15, 2018 – so that we can announce our new leadership team and kick off our new year before the show season is in full swing!

If you have not yet joined SLADS for 2018 – it is not too late! – you can still join and run for an open position.

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