SLADS Election 2018

SLADS 2018 ballot and bios2018 Election – Updates

The nomination window has closed!

Thanks to all submitted nominations and a special thanks to the nominees who accepted and are now officially candidates. The ballot is below and will also be sent out via email on March 9, 2018. Each of the candidates has provided a brief bio to help introduce themselves and to help make voting a little easier.

Ballots must be returned to no later than March 15, 2018.

Important details – you must be a current member of SLADS to vote. If you have not renewed your membership for the year – you still have time.   Renewals must be completed by March 1, 2018 in order for your membership to be validated and your vote counted for the election. Memberships should be renewed via the SLADS website, but can also be mailed to the membership committee (details can be found on the SLADs website). Individual memberships are allowed one vote, Family memberships are allowed two votes.

Ballots will be counted, memberships verified and the results will be posted to the SLADS website on March 23, 2018.

SLADS still needs YOU!

As the board is elected and planning moves into full swing – the various committees that are the basis of SLADS will become more active. We need your participation and new ideas to help our organization grow. At the bottom of the ballot you will find a listing of the committees, and can indicate which one you would consider joining. After the new board is officially in place, we will reach out and begin building the new committee teams. Please consider joining a committee – it is wonderful way to help build our out our club and will help you achieve those highly sought after volunteer hours necessary for year-end awards!



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