Jr/Yg Rider Scholarship

1. Is this new for SLADS?

This needs–based scholarship was established in 2010 to assist one committed SLADS Junior /Young Rider with the financial burden associated with furthering their dressage education.

One SLADS Junior/Young Rider will be awarded this scholarship in the amount of $500 on an annual basis with the first payment in the amount of $250 presented at the Annual SLADS Awards Banquet and the remaining $250 in June of each year after the written report on how the first payment has been utilized is received by SLADS.

 2. What is a Junior/Young Rider?

Per USEF rule GR126, it is an individual who has not reached their 21st birthday as of December 1st of the current competition year.

 3. What does “current SLADS member” mean?

All applicants MUST be SLADS members the year the application is submitted as well as the year the Scholarship is awarded. Example: An applicant must be a member of SLADS when applying for the scholarship. That means they are a SLADS member on or before 30 June 2012. This same applicant must be a member of SLADS for the year 2012 before the SLADS Awards Banquet Is held in late January 2013.

 4. When are the applications due?

All entries must be post-marked on or before December 1 of each year. A committee comprised of one SLADS Board Member and two to four people with distinguished dressage backgrounds will then review the applications. The judges may or may not be members of SLADS. The Committee will review the applications and give consideration to those who have proven a serious level of commitment to the discipline of Dressage.  The applications that meet the criteria will be presented to the Board off Directors for a vote on the final recipient.

5. How can this Scholarship be utilized?

This needs-based scholarship may be used for training, attending clinics and seminars. It is to be used to support the recipient’s dressage education. If they wish, it can be used to help with showing expenses for both recognized and schooling shows. It may NOT be used to purchase tack, clothing, pay for veterinarian costs, etc. As stated, it is to be used to support and further the applicant’s dressage education and goals.

6. What is required of the applicant who receives the scholarship?

  • The scholarship money is used as stated in Paragraph 5. It must be used education or to help with showing costs (i.e., fees).
  • The applicant, through a written communication, will submit two reports to the SLADS Board on how the money is spent. One report will be due on 30 June. The other report will be due on 30 November. The first half of the scholarship will be released at the January Awards Banquet. The second half of the money will NOT be released until the first report is received by the SLADS Board of Directors.

 7. What steps can I take to present an outstanding application?

  • Sit down with your trainer and discuss how you can utilize this scholarship and set a plan.
  • Make sure the application you are submitting is complete and all documents are included.
  • Make three (3) complete copies for the Committee to review.
  • Make sure the applications are received by the due date of December 1st.
  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Make sure you show a financial need in your application
  • Include a description of how you have volunteered for SLADS in the past as well as your strategy on how you have will perform your SLADS Volunteer duties in the upcoming year.

 8. It cannot be emphasized enough…make sure that your application is complete with all required documents attached.

   slads_jr-yg_scholarship_application 2018